Classification of woodworking numerical control band saw


CNC woodworking band saw machine can be divided into three categories: CNC woodworking big band saw CNC woodworking re cutting band saw CNC woodworking joinery band saw.

CNC woodworking big band saw machine is the first working procedure of woodworking, which is to cut the logs sent to the factory into pieces and remove the outer skin of the wood. This is the first step of all woodworking, this process of machinery is also known as CNC woodworking saw, automatic cutting according to.

CNC woodworking re cutting band saw machine is a very professional name, and it is also a very common name of CNC band saw. Its function is to re process the spliced boards, so it is called re cutting band saw machine. It is the first process of furniture manufacturing, and it is also the earliest CNC equipment on the market. The technology is also a very mature band saw machine. At present, there are two types of band saw in the market, one is the twisting of the saw head, the other is the twisting of the torque blade. Because of the design problems of the saw blade, the later loss is very large, and the saw head is relatively better. This kind of saw is also called numerical control band saw machine, numerical control bending material, numerical control woodworking cutting material

The last is the jacquard band saw. The CNC jacquard band saw is the most difficult equipment on the market. Generally, most of them are made by hand. There is a kind of twist band saw on the market, which can cut simply. The power used is the high rotation of the milling cutter as the cutting power, and the milling cutter limits the thickness. Therefore, as the most refined manufacturing machine, this twist band saw hopes to be improved a little more.
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