Classification of woodworking numerical control band sawing machine


Classification of woodworking numerical control band sawing machine 

1. Violation of mechanical instructions, warning, attention, signs and other prohibited operations. 

2. The operator enters the dangerous area with hands or other body parts during operation.

3. The operator removes the safety protection device on the machine in violation of regulations.

4. Before operation, the band saw was not checked carefully according to the regulations, and the equipment was not in good condition, which easily caused mechanical or personal accidents.

5. The operator did not strictly comply with the equipment requirements and process requirements, overload, overspeed use.

6. The use of unqualified saw belt or the loss of saw belt will lead to the fracture of saw belt and cause injury accidents. The gap between the saw clip and the saw blade is too small to damage the saw blade.

7. Violation of regulations in equipment maintenance, tool adjustment, removal and repair, failure to cut off the power supply and hang a notice board at the starting switch of the equipment.

8. There are nails, screws, etc. in the wood, or the wood that is not completely dry in processing and gluing.

9. The saw blade is not installed correctly as required.

10. The saw belt is not properly tensioned as required.

11. The adjustment of the saw card position does not meet the requirements, and the distance between the saw card and the wood to be processed is too large or too small.

12. The angle adjustable worktable has not been adjusted to level after last use.

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