What are the steps for a novice to learn to open a forklift?


The skills of forklifts are:

1. During the operation of the forklift truck, do not mistake the "forward, reverse" direction switch as a steering switch. Unless you need to decelerate urgently, don't press the brake pedal to the end. 

2. When the vehicle needs to decelerate, relax the accelerator pedal and lightly depress the brake pedal, so that the energy of deceleration can be fully utilized. If the vehicle has a regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy during deceleration can be recovered. 

3. In the use of electric forklift vehicles, special attention should be paid to the timely charging of the battery and the correct maintenance of the battery. Pay attention to the method when charging the battery, not only make the battery fully charged, but also not cause the battery to overcharge. 

4. During the operation of the vehicle, if the battery power is found to be insufficient, the battery should be charged as soon as possible to prevent the battery from over-discharging. 

5. In the operation of electric forklift vehicles, try to minimize the use of long-term and long-distance acceleration. When the vehicle starts and the speed increases, stabilize the accelerator pedal. If the road condition is good, the vehicle will continue to accelerate. 

6. When the electric forklift is going down a slope, do not disconnect the circuit that drives the motor, and gently step on the brake pedal to make the vehicle run in a regenerative braking state, and use the kinetic energy of the vehicle down to reduce the energy consumption of the battery.

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