How is the general electric forklift battery installed?


Electric forklift batteries are generally composed of 2V single batteries in series, called battery packs. In the same single battery, the negative plate is always larger than the positive plate. The positive and negative plates of the electric forklift are cross-inserted during the assembly process. In the chemical reaction, the same amount of product is produced on both sides of each positive plate, which can reduce the deformation and crown of the negative plate and increase the capacity.

When working with electric forklift batteries, it is forbidden to run out of water. If the water level is lower than the electrode plate, it is easy to burn the electrode plate, causing a short circuit of the battery pack of the electric forklift, and normal operation cannot be performed. Even if distilled water is added later, the monomer share is not uniform and there are traces of vulcanization. The storage capacity of the battery is greatly reduced, and the use time is shortened. The entire forklift battery will be severely scrapped.
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