Common faults and troubleshooting methods of band saw


Common failures of band saw when sawing wood mainly include saw blade breakage, jumping, and bending of sawn wood. When the machine tool is running, if the saw blade suddenly jumps, accompanied by abnormal phenomena such as breaking noise, the saw blade should have cracks, and it must be shut down immediately for inspection. The saw blade breaks or jumps generally due to the following reasons:

The bearing or main shaft of the band saw machine has worn out and should be replaced. The saw blade should not exceed 2 hours each time.

2. The tensioning device of the band saw machine fails, the hanging mound is too heavy, and the saw blade is used for too long each time. Check the tensioning device, reduce the hanging weight, and replace the saw blade.

The upper and lower saw wheels of the band saw are twisted and are not in the same plane. Adjust the upper and lower saw wheels.
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