How to choose a quality electric forklift


Electric forklifts only introduce the models and equipment of forklifts, but because of different application environments, different workloads, the size of the transported objects, and the height of the goods, it is determined that the selection of electric forklifts is a messy and generalized task. If the electric forklift cannot be used due to improper selection, and the equipment is idle and wasteful, then how to choose a quality electric forklift?

Pay attention to the working environment. Electric stackers and electric pallet trucks have higher requirements on the ground. It is necessary to use a hard texture. The flatness of the ground should not be too different. If the ground is greased or painted, it is necessary to buy when choosing a forklift. Anti-skid type stacker.

Pay attention to the workload of homework. Choose relatively matching batteries for different workloads. It is necessary for users to clarify when ordering. The production time should also be selected according to the workload of the public. Pay attention to the volume of the goods. The size of the goods to be transported will be related to the load center of the fork, and the length of the fork will be related to the carrying capacity of the forklift. The corresponding fork must be selected.

Pay attention to the size of the channel. The size of the channel will be related to the transformation radius of the electric forklift, which should be clarified when purchasing the forklift. How to choose a matching forklift? Single-sided pallets, double-sided pallets, the length of the up and down slope, etc. and the requirements for the length of the forklift. 
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