Take you to understand the common faults of Electric Forklift


Electric Forklift are suitable for people who need to work indoors. After high-frequency use of the battery, it is inevitable that there will be size problems, so what are the common problems of the battery, and how to deal with it? The forklift battery cannot be charged, which means the battery is 0. Please take out the power supply first, release the static electricity attached to the battery in the open for a period of time, and then try to charge it.

If it doesn’t work, you need a professional to open the battery box, remove the significantly expanded battery, and connect the remaining batteries in order. The battery electrolyte is lost seriously, the electrolyte level is low, and the electrolyte level is generally low. This requires adding electrolyte or balancing charge calibration (multiple strong charge). Generally speaking, lead-acid batteries only need to add distilled water.

The voltage and poles of the charging system should be protected by petroleum jelly! When adding liquid, pay attention to the height of the liquid level and the density of the electrolyte! Lack of battery power in forklift trucks is usually caused by blocked battery electrodes caused by incorrect charging and discharging. At this moment, we should stop using the forklift, connect the north and south poles of the battery to the discharge pile, discharge it completely, and then plug it in to charge.

When the forklift battery generates sparks, you should stop checking to see if the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed. When wiping the battery with a clean cloth, there are exposed wires, etc., it is necessary to replace it immediately. If there is no reason, it is necessary to check immediately. Overcharging will increase the water loss of the battery, accelerate the corrosion of the grid, soften the active material, and increase the probability of battery deformation.
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