Learn about the scope of application of customized electric forklift


Customized electric forklift use regenerative braking to reduce mechanical wear. Regenerative braking is a non-contact braking, which is much simpler than the traditional braking system. Regardless of whether the driver brakes by stepping on the brake pedal or changing the direction of travel to brake, the electric motor will be in a generator state, and its electromagnetic torque will become the torque of the braking nature.

This means the wear on the brake pads is minimised. The quality electric forklift wear and tear is greatly reduced, which reduces the maintenance cost of the forklift and makes the operating cost lower. At the same time, the communication motor is more efficient in both traveling and braking. When braking or reversing, regenerative energy is generated. The harder you brake, the more energy is regenerated.

The energy storage device of the communication drive system will automatically start when braking or reversing, and return the energy to the battery, so that the working time of the battery is extended and the service life is longer. Although regenerative braking is also available on some DC drive forklifts, it must be activated during hard braking, which also means that some of the regenerative energy is converted into heat during braking.

The wide application of electronic computer skills has promoted the presentation of many interdisciplinary advanced design methods, and promoted modern production skills and inspection skills. Intense international market competition is also increasingly dependent on technology competition. These have promoted the technical functions of logistics machinery to enter a new stage of development, and china electric forklift manufacturers are undergoing a huge innovation.
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