How to use a horizontal factory band saw?


The purpose of the Horizontal Sawmill Factory band saw is to trim the saw blade faster and increase the cutting edge. The angle of the tooth shape of the horizontal sawmill in stock band saw machine, and the number of additional teeth should be determined according to the hardness, wetness and dryness of the material to be sawed, the difficulty of cutting, and the strength of your own physique and physical strength. The cut saw should have the same angle of all teeth, and the chisel edge of the tooth tip and the surface of the saw board should be at a 90-degree angle (except for the blade teeth), to prevent the sawing due to the partial edge and the difference in working time caused by the high and short teeth. Efficiency and force consumption are large, easy to jump saw, blunt and other phenomena. However, it is allowed to have the same height on a certain inner arc.
      The quality horizontal sawmill band sawing method is to use the saw horse to clamp the saw blade, the human body presses the saw horse, and the hands are used to cooperate with the operation. Some touch a board on the ground, saw a mouth that can clamp the saw blade on the top of the pole, and clamp the saw blade. Inside, there is a human body sitting on an object below 130mm in height, with the right leg curled and laid flat, the left leg curled up and standing, the saw blade in the center of the left hand resting on the left calf, and the right hand is operated with the keng of. In the cutting and sawing process, there is one pass, one rough cut, and one fine cut. This pass should start from the lower end of the saw and cut upward one by one. The reason is that there is a slight curling edge after the serrated chisel edge is tapered. The upward rolling of the blade hinders the cutting edge, and the downward rolling of the blade helps the cutting edge.
      The loosening tension is to loosen the saw screw a few times to prevent the saw blade from being deformed under long-term pressure, reducing the elasticity and affecting the use. It can be implemented at the end of the day, or at intervals of several days. It can be loosened once a week during the dry season. In practice, if the fine hemp rope is used for tensioning, special attention should be paid to prevent the hemp rope from absorbing moisture and expanding in rainy days, shortening the length and breaking the saw.
      Oil rubbing means that the saw blade and saw beam should be regularly painted with varnish within a year or a year and a half to prevent moisture and deformation. The saw blade rubbing oil should be used to prevent rust during storage and lubricate during use.
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