Share the maintenance of woodworking automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill manufacturers


Knowledge of automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill machine maintenance and maintenance is an important part of machine operation. All parts are to be refined. Even small problems can directly affect machine tool life, productivity and work. Normal and reliable. In order to ensure the normal operation and safe operation of the woodworking automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill machine for many years, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of the machine tool.

1. The sawing site and automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill machine tools should be cleaned frequently and kept tidy, especially the sawdust and resin sawdust under the saw wheel are getting less and less.
2. For friction parts such as bearings, gears and sliders of band saws and quality manual log carriage, lubricating oil must be added regularly.
3. When the quality hydraulic automatic log carriage of the band saw machine is working, pay attention to whether the rolling bearings of the upper and lower saw wheels are abnormal, and the temperature should not exceed 60 ℃.
4. Bandsaws and log carriage should always check and calibrate parts while working. Use the hanging wire method to check that the upper and lower saw wheels are above the vertical plane. If there is twist, adjust the upper wheel as needed. When the clearance is too large, adjust the lower wheel. After working on the upper and lower wheels for a while, the total will wear out a bit. If you often check whether the upper wheel lifting system is flexible and reliable, whether the saw card lifting device slides freely on both sides, and whether the manual tensioning device is flexible. Whether the parts are damaged; whether the connecting parts are loose. If any abnormality is found, it should be solved in time. Or scrub the fuel or repair the calibration and replace it to keep the machine safe and functioning properly.
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