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Advantages of Electric Portable Horizontal Band Sawmill

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Entry-Level Portable Sawmill

The advantages of electric portable horizontal band sawmill are labor saving, labor saving and material saving. Better cost savings, higher efficiency, and higher profits.

 ①Save labor: The traditional band sawmill machine is operated by two people. After using the YSDMILL CNC band sawmill machine, the marking process can be reduced, and it can be reduced to one person. This staff member is only responsible for feeding and receiving materials.

 ②Material saving: The worker must cut a few millimeters more when using the traditional band saw, leaving a little margin can also be called material consumption. After using the CNC band saw, this material consumption will be reduced to a large extent, reducing waste and increasing production, thereby achieving the purpose of saving costs and increasing profits.

 ③ Improve efficiency: quality electric portable horizontal band sawmill is controlled by CNC data system, sawing speed is fast, and work efficiency is improved.

 ④High quality: The surface smoothness of the cut workpiece is much higher than that of ordinary band saws. It is enough to use a planing and milling machine to process one, which not only reduces the labor intensity of planing and milling, but also improves the quality of furniture.

 ⑤ CNC control, good stability, easy to draw.

 ⑥ The saw blade is rotating, with high stability and not easy to break. The saw blade is twisted, easy to break, and the processing cost is high.

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