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Delivering Complete Solutions To The Timber Industry
Hello! We are YSDMILL, a professional woodworking machinery manufacturer in China. Since the company established more than three decades, YSDMILL has led the Chinese woodworking machinery industry in developing innovative solutions that deliver increased productivity and durability for professional sawmill users.

YSDMILL rapidly developed itself into the leading brand in the field of woodworking machinery manufacturers. Up to now, we provided services to more than 100000 sawmill companies domestic and shipped products to over 50 countries worldwide. We also provide installation and 24-hours after sales service all over the world and get thousands of good feedback.

Whether it is through our worldwide popular vertical bandsaw and full-automatic log carriages, the ground-breaking performance of our twin vertical sawmill lines, or innovative custom-made automatic sawmill lines, we are dedicated to delivering continuous advanced, wood processing-specific solutions.

We invest the time to work side-by-side with various sawmill owners and wood processing companies to understand their demand of the constantly changing cutting requirements, to study how we can best support solutions for a safer, more efficiency, more labor-saved sawmill, to research how to help users to increase cutting value. Through a thorough analysis and summary the sawmill solutions at hand, we continuous improve and optimize the R&D team design capability to make each sawmill lines achieve user’s satisfaction.

YSDMILL is not simply a machinery manufacturer, we are worldwide sawmill users’ reliable partner. Contact YSDMILL NOW!

Our Core Values
YSDMILL Certificate
YSDMILL Exhibition
YSDMILL dedicate to produce and develop woodworking band saw machines and auxiliary equipment by employing high-quality materials and advanced technology to provide our customers with the best sawmill solution according to their requirements lifelong time!
Customer Installation
YSDMILL's sales network has covered all parts of the country and overseas markets, and exported to the United States, Russia, Africa, Canada, ASEAN countries, etc. If there are installation and use problems with the products sold, we provide overseas installation and maintenance services according to customer requirements.
Our Milestone
  • 1990
    Founded in Xingtai, China, YSDMILL aimed to become a leading woodworking machinery manufacturer, offering research, production, and after-sales service.
  • 1995
    Within 5 years, YSDMILL gained fame as a top sawmill machinery manufacturer in China and abroad with their popular band-sawing and log carriage products.
  • 1999
    Pioneering innovation, YSDMILL's R&D team stayed ahead in the woodworking machinery industry, introducing cutting-edge technologies.
  • 2000
    Focused on customers' needs, YSDMILL tailored products through targeted research, meeting diverse regional requirements.
  • 2002
    YSDMILL provided custom wood processing lines, boosting efficiency and cutting labor and material costs.
  • 2005
    Investing in advanced equipment and skilled staff, YSDMILL solidified its position as a first-line brand in China's woodworking industry.
  • 2008
    Expanding globally, YSDMILL's sales network covered China and international markets like the US, Russia, Africa, Canada, and ASEAN countries.
  • 2010
    To support international customers, YSDMILL began offering overseas installation and maintenance services.
  • 2017
    Committed to quality, efficiency, and innovation, YSDMILL remained a top brand in woodworking machinery.
  • 2023
    Thriving in 2023, YSDMILL continues its dedication to high-quality woodworking machinery, serving evolving customer needs with advanced solutions.

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