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Advantages of YSDMILL Vertical Bandsaw Sawmill

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automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill

YSDMILL vertical bandsaw sawmill has the advantages of high sawing accuracy, high output, good surface finish, automatic operation, etc. It is an ideal choice for sawing high-grade precious rosewood and hardwood.

Product advantages:

1. High precision

The sawing process has high precision, smooth operation, and the sawing thickness error is less than 0.2mm.

2. High surface finish

Stable, stable operation, high flatness, combined with high-quality tungsten steel saw blade, directly grinding and sawing.

3. High output

With high machining accuracy, small sawing path and high surface smoothness, sawing is used for planing, and the reserved size of plate thickness is greatly reduced during sawing. Basically, 10 plates can be sawed for each additional plate.

4. Automatic operation is simple, saving a lot of labor

The computer operation interface is simple. No special saws, grinding saws and sawing master plates are required; Ordinary workers can operate quickly and skillfully; The whole sawing process is completed automatically and continuously at one time. Each machine only needs one worker to operate, saving a lot of manpower.

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