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Automatic Sawmill Log Carriage

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automatic sawmill log carriage

The automatic sawmill log carriage is a device used to move logs through a sawmill. It typically consists of a frame, a headstock, a tailstock, and a motor. The headstock is attached to the frame and holds the log in place while the tailstock slides back and forth along the frame to position the log for cutting. The motor is used to power the carriage and is usually driven by an electric motor or a hydraulic motor. The log carriage is used to move the logs through the sawmill so that they can be cut into lumber.

Product typical feature of automatic sawmill log carriage
1.hydraulic cnc log carriage heavy-duty structure
2.Touch screen+PLC control system,easy operation
3.hydraulic log turning,hydraulic log locking,joy-stick control
4.Automatic hook in/out,Automatic cutting measure system
5.Carriage speed adjustable
6.Custom made sevice are provided

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