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Classification of Woodworking Band Sawmill

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Sawmill Band Saw Machine

The woodworking band sawmill is a type of saw used by woodworkers to process wood. So what are the classification applications of woodworking band sawmills? We together look.

1. Horizontal band sawmill

Cross saws are also known as dragon saws, logging saws, etc. Cross saws have two common types of teeth and two types of teeth. The market supply is mostly ordinary teeth, the horizontal saw blade is straight and the occupied part is curved. When in use, the wooden handle is installed at both ends and operated by two people. They are used for sawing large lumber and logs. The specifications are expressed in full length, and there are seven types of 900, 1000, 1200, 1350, 1500, 1650 and 1800 mm.

2. Vertical bandsaw sawmill

Vertical bandsaw sawmill machine, also known as woodworking band saw, band woodworking saw, its two ends are welded into a ring, installed on the band saw machine, longitudinally cutting large wood and logs, the market is generally equipped with toothless band saw, the teeth must be opened. Specifications are expressed in width and thickness. The width is 13-150mm, the thickness is 0.56-1.25mm, and the width is 50mm or less. Each length shall not be shorter than 7 meters, and each length shall not be less than 8 mm.

3. Woodworking band saw blade

Woodworking saw blades, the saw body is suitable, elastic, must be mounted on the frame, the new saw blade must be "toothed" before use: sawing wood chips, reducing friction, this wood saw blade is sold over a large range of applications, in lengths 400 to 900 mm and widths from 22 to 44 mm.

4. Circular saw blade

A circular saw blade is also a woodworking circular saw. When a copper circular saw is used, it is mounted on a circular saw or hand held chainsaw to rotate the wood for cutting. Specifications are expressed by diameter, thickness, shaft hole, diameter 200-1000 mm, and thickness. 1-3.4mm, shaft hole 25-50mm.

5.Cutting saw

Truncating saws are also known as saws. Its shape is similar to that of a wood saw blade. It has a ring at each end and is mounted on a large saw frame. It is a saw blade that can cut logs lengthwise or on a large scale.

6. Band saw blade

In addition to the above several types of saw blades, there are also electrolytic flat saws, chainsaws, saws, clips, crow tail saws, double-sided saws, etc. Their shapes, manufacturing materials and quality requirements, basically wooden saw blades, cross saws Wait.

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