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Emergency Measures in Case of Failure of Band Saw Machine

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band saw machine

When the band saw machine malfunctions, causing danger

1.Rescue the injured after an accident is the primary task. Implement on-site first aid quickly, orderly, and effectively during the emergency rescue process, and transfer the injured in a timely and safe manner.
2. Inform the first responsible person of the company as soon as the incident occurs, so as to guide and organize the masses to take various measures to protect themselves, and quickly evacuate from the hazardous area or potentially hazardous area if necessary.
3. Quickly control the situation, detect and monitor the hazards caused by the accident, and determine the hazard area, nature, and degree of the accident.
4. In case of an accident, cut off the power and air supply of the band saw machine. Guard and protect the site. Objects, traces, status, and damage related to the accident shall not be allowed.
5. In order to rescue the injured, when it is necessary to move certain objects on the site, on-site signs must be made.
6. Eliminate the harmful consequences and do a good job of on-site recovery.
7. Following the principle of "four not to let go" after the accident, promptly investigate the cause and nature of the accident, assess the scope and degree of harm of the accident, identify casualties, investigate the cause of the accident, and summarize experiences and lessons learned in rescue work.

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