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Features of wood working vertical band sawmill

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wood working vertical band sawmill

The main advantage of the quality wood working vertical band sawmill is that it can cut extra-large diameter logs and use special down sawing methods to cut precious tree species logs; usually sawdust loss is reduced by 1/2 to 2/3 compared to circular saws, and compared to frame saws. The machine is reduced by 1/3 to 1/2, which helps to reduce the loss of sawdust, and its feeding speed is higher than that of the frame saw machine.

The wood working vertical band sawmill is the main saw of the band saw mill, used for splitting logs and sawing square timber. Usually  log carriage band saws or double log band saws are used. The diameter of the saw wheel is mostly 1067-1829 mm, and the maximum can reach 3658 mm. On the usual single-sided sawing machine, the log is intermittently sawed, while the sawing machine with double-sided sawing can improve the work efficiency by 30%. The transmission of the  log carriage mainly includes three kinds of continuously variable transmission modes, such as friction wheel rope reel, thyristor rectifier DC motor and hydraulic motor. The double band saw machine adopts continuous feeding mechanism such as chain conveyor and jamming arm.

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