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Heavy-duty Log Carriage

The Heavy-duty log carriage is the latest design for use in forests or farms as well as heavy-duty woodworking sites. The automatic heavy-duty log carriage can saw large&heavy-duty logs, the sawing length can reach 8 meters, and the work efficiency is high, which can help you do more with less.

Heavy-duty Log Carriage1

Product Description

YSDMILL heavy-duty log carriage is a woodworking machine often used in sawmills. The automatic log carriage mainly use for working with vertical band saw, cutting round log to planks.Our automatic log carriage are divided into many types,such as automatic log carriage,semi-automatic log carriage,etc.It is controlled by a control box to run the whole machine, which can turning and locking logs, so that it can finish sawing at an appropriate angle, and the thickness and speed of sawing can also be adjusted according to requirements.log carriage usually work with a vertical band saw or worktable.

The heavy-duty log carriage is the latest design for use in forests or farms as well as heavy-duty woodworking sites. The automatic heavy-duty log carriage can saw large&heavy-duty logs, the sawing length can reach 8 meters, and the work efficiency is high, which can help you do more with less.

Our company is a professional woodworking band saw machine with more than 30 years of experience. We can recommend the most suitable machine for you according to your wood specifications. We hope to get your reply.

Product Features

  • It is suitable for large-scale production in sawmills, and is widely used in large-scale wood processing in virgin forest areas.

  • The machine has the features of high cutting speed, high cutting rate, high quality of final product, great reduce the lost of saw dust.

  • Automatic control the timber thickness, high-precision.

  • High cutting efficiency, smooth; high flatness of the cutting plate.

  • We provide hydraulic tank system for log locking, for hard or large size log the hydraulic system can lock log more tight when cutting.

  • High quality motor, stronger power, longer service life.

  • Hydraulic automatic lock log headblocks

  • Automatic hook in and hook out.

  • Automatic log loading deck.

  • Sawmill board output conveyor system.

  • Touch screen with joy stick, japan and germany electric parts for reliable operation.

  • Stronger shaft with forged wheel for stable and accuracy timber cutting.

  • Wheels are carried by a double set of cup and cone roller bearings and are adjustable to set proper clearance.

Product Parameters

YSDMILL Automatic log carriage






Touch screen + PLC

Max sawing diameter




Max sawing length


Log locking


Log turning


Moveable headblocks


Hook in/out


Cutting speed

Frequency converter

Custom made service are provided
Cast-iron headblocks with Hydraulic / pneumatic cylinder for tight log locking
Moveable headblocks is optional
Stronger log locking hook

Detail Display

Heavy-duty Log Carriage2
Heavy-duty Log Carriage3

Electric Automatic Log Cariage (3)
Electric Automatic Log Cariage (2)

Production Process

Raw Materials Cutting

1. Raw Materials Cutting

Plasma Cutting

2. Plasma Cutting


3. Welding

Boring Machine

4. Boring Machine

CNC Machining Precess

5. CNC Machining Precess

Painting Spray

6. Painting Spray

Band Saw Install

7. Band Saw Install

Finished Saw Carriage

8. Finished Saw Carriage

Finished Band Saw

9. Finished Band Saw

Product Packaging

Product Packaging
Product Packaging

Product Packaging
Product Packaging

Product Certification

YSDMILL Certificate
YSDMILL Certificate
YSDMILL Certificate
YSDMILL Certificate

Customer Installation

Customer Installation
Customer Installation
Customer Installation

Customer Installation
Customer Installation
Customer Installation



Xingtai YSDMILL Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Xingtai city, Hebei province China. Since it has been established nearly three decades, our company has become a professional woodworking machinery manufacturer that integrated the research, development, production, sales and after - sales service as one.

Meanwhile, YSDMILL has been a well known sawmill machinery manufacture at home and abroad. Our woodworking band-sawing machine and woodworking log carriage rank at the top position in the domestic sales industry.

Factory Workshop
Factory Workshop
Factory Workshop
Factory Workshop


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are manufacturer.

Q: What types of woodworking machinery does YSDMILL offer?

A: YSDMILL offers a comprehensive range of woodworking machinery, including woodworking band-sawing machines, woodworking log carriages, and other auxiliary equipment.

Q: Does YSDMILL offer custom-made solutions for wood processing?

A: Yes, absolutely! We understand that every woodworking project is unique, and we take pride in providing personalized wood processing line solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Q: How to know which model is suit for our request?

A: Send us the length and diameter specification of your wood, then we will recommend you the suitable machine.

Q: How about your delivery time?

A: For our standard vertical/horizontal band saw, we have it in stock. For the customized sawmill equipment we need 10-30days to production.

Q: How does YSDMILL handle after-sales service and support?

A: We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer comprehensive after-sales support. Our team provides installation assistance, maintenance services, and readily available spare parts to ensure the smooth operation of our machinery.


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