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How About YSDMILL Twin Vertical Band Saw?

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Twin vertical band saw (3)

YSDMILL is a twin vertical band saw manufacturers and band sawmill supplier in China. Why do many sawmills choose YSDMILL twin vertical band saw? Let's talk about whether YSDMILL twin vertical band saw is good or not?
1. The YSDMILL twin vertical band saw is controlled by PLC, one for each line.
2 The twin vertical band saw can complete the automatic loading and unloading.
3 The twin vertical band saw uses infrared positioning, automatic turning and pneumatic automatic clamping, which is convenient and efficient.
4 The leading saw of the twin vertical band saw automatically adapts and adjusts, identifies hard objects, prolongs the service life of the saw blade, reduces accidental damage, and improves reliability.
5. The twin vertical band saw uses a servo driving rule, and the traveling speed can be adjusted at will. The sawing speed can reach 50m/min, which is twice the cutting speed of the ordinary band saw. When the ordinary band saw is used for sawing, the plate surface accuracy is high.
6. The band saw is thick and heavy, 1.5 times the weight of the same model, with good stability, stable sawing and fast sawing speed.
7. The band saw has a good working environment and low working intensity, and there are two less operators than similar products.
8. The two position configuration of the clamping claw of the twin vertical band saw can meet the clamping requirements of the edge removed and the edge not removed.
9. The push stake of the twin vertical band saw can be moved to ensure that the wood is in the sawing position.

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