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How Does Hydraulic Automatic Log Carriage Works?

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Hydraulic Automatic Log Carriage

The hydraulic automatic log carriage works by placing the log on the carpenter's automatic log carriage and clamping the log by hydraulic cylinders, after which the carpenter's log carriage can carry the log and travel back and forth.

The quality hydraulic automatic log carriage can be powered by a motor or wire rope for its reciprocating motion, and can be easily reciprocated on rails and sawed by a heavy duty vertical woodworking band saw. Therefore, the wood processing process can saw boards of different thicknesses, and the specific size of the boards depends on the customer's requirements.

The advanced mechanical properties of the YSDMILL CNC hydraulic automatic log carriage make it efficient and reliable, the result of the company's continuous research and innovation. YSDMILL woodworking machinery has been engaged in the research and development and production of woodworking machinery for many years.

Our extensive experience in design and production, and customer site inspections ensure the production and operation quality of YSDMILL woodworking machinery.

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