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How Many Horsepower Does A Sawmill Need?

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The portable diesel/gasoline horizontal sawmill is the newest design which can use in the forest or farm and DIY woodworking place. It has wheels which can be tracked by forklift or truck to move around convenient. It’s easy to install and easy to operate, can help you do more and spend less.

Easy to operate;

Convenient to move around;

Cutting face smooth;

Suitable for various wood;

13Hp diesel/Gasoline Engine

YSDMILL provided various model portable diesel/gasoline horizontal band sawmill for more than 30 years, we are professional band sawmil manufacturer in China which integrate Reach&Development, production, after-sales service as one. Our sales network has covered all over the country and overseas markets, exported to the United States, Russia, Africa, Canada, ASEAN countries and so on. If there are installation and use problems of the product we sold, based on customer’s requirements, we provide overseas installation and maintenance service.

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