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How To Adjust The Band Saw Blade

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ysdmill band saw blade

The band saw blade is a necessary sawing tool for the band saw machine. The saw blade is often adjusted in daily work. How to adjust the band saw blade?

There are two kinds of tensioning devices for band saw blades: spring and hammer. The tension shall be determined according to the width, thickness and speed of the saw blade. Usually, the finger is used to press the saw blade to determine whether its tension is appropriate according to the left and right bending of the saw blade. In general, when pressing the saw blade by hand, the bending of the saw blade should be between 3.2~6.4 mm.

The width of the band saw blade shall match the width of the saw wheel surface and shall not exceed the width of the wheel surface.

The saw blade is clamped in the middle of the saw clip. The bottom of the saw tooth should be in a straight line with the outer edge of the saw clip. The saw blade should not be clamped too tightly. It should slide in the middle of the saw clip. There should be a gap on both sides, about 0.04~0.08 mm on each side. The back of the saw blade is about 0.8mm away from the pulley. If the saw blade has contacted the pulley when it is idling, it means that the saw blade is back, or the pulley is front, or the tension of the saw blade disappears. The upper saw wheel or pulley should be adjusted, or the saw blade should be removed before being checked, rolled and trimmed.
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