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How To Control The Noise of The Gasoline Engine Portable Sawmill?

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Gasoline engine portable sawmill

When the gasoline engine portable sawmill is working, the stimulated vibration radiation of the saw plate is large, which will produce some noise. How to reduce the noise of the band saw? The following methods and measures can be taken.

The horizontal band saw has air power noise such as tooth tip noise, eddy current noise and exhaust noise. The following methods can be used to reduce the noise. The flow plate can be modulated to control the noise. The so-called flow control is generally a plate with a certain geometric shape installed on one side of the saw blade. The plate surface next to the saw blade is pasted with sound absorbing materials. The distance between the plate and the saw blade is adjustable with an adjusting mechanism, which can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range.

Moreover, by adjusting and changing the distance between the flow control plate and the saw blade, the flow state of the air flow on one side of the saw blade can be changed, so that the air flow on both sides of the saw blade is unbalanced. For the high-speed air soil on both sides of the saw tooth, the uniform separation layer can not be seen in the interface layer at the edge of the tooth, which interferes with the formation of eddy currents in the slit, but can only produce turbulence attached to the surface layer of the saw blade. After its energy is reflected with the noise control rice for many times, A considerable part of the energy is absorbed by the material and converted into heat energy. The other part of the air flow is weakened, and the speed and pressure are greatly reduced. The pressure distribution of the vortex separation layer is improved, and the strength of the vortex is weakened. The resonance of the saw blade can be avoided, and the squeal can be eliminated.

As long as the distance between the flow control plate and the back saw blade is adjusted to reach a better position, obvious noise reduction can be achieved.

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