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How To Do The Maintenance of The Vertical Band Sawmill Machine

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Vertical band Sawmill

The vertical band sawmill machine maintenance and upkeep are important, and all components generally do not fail. If the band sawmill machine is not properly maintained, even small problems will directly affect the service life of the machine tool and affect the production efficiency and work of the wood working vertical band sawmill machine. In order to ensure the long-term normal and safe operation of the woodworking band saw machine, the maintenance and management of the machine tool must be strengthened.

1. The working site and machine tool of the band sawmill machine should be clean, especially the sawdust on the sawdust and the saw wheel should be clean.

2. The vertical band sawmill machine should regularly lubricate the friction parts of the bearings, gears, sliders, etc. on the machine tool.

3. When the band sawmill is working, pay attention to whether the rolling bearings of the upper and lower saw wheels are abnormal, and the temperature should not exceed 60°C.

4. Always check and calibrate the parts of the band sawmill. Use the hanging wire method to check that the upper and lower saw wheels are in the vertical plane. If there is twist, it is better to adjust the upper wheel. When the gap is too large, the lower wheel can also be adjusted.

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