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How To Ensure Electrical Safety of Band Sawmill Machine

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band sawmill machine

1. Check that there is no accumulation of sawdust in the electrical distribution box of the band sawmill machine, the electrical grounding is good, and the electrical box door is closed firmly.
2. Check that there is no damage to the wiring of the motor and the power control switch, and that there is no accumulation of sawdust on the shell of the electrical device.
3. If a circuit fault occurs, it must be eliminated by a qualified electrician.
4. Mechanical and electrical equipment must be sensitive and reliable, and improvised use is strictly prohibited.
5. The electrical switch should be turned on whenever it is used, and it should be turned off immediately when not in use. In case of a power failure during work, all switches must be turned off to prevent the band sawmill machine from rotating automatically after power transmission is restored, causing accidents.

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