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How To Give Full Play To The Maximum Efficiency of Automatic Horizontal Band Sawmill?

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automatic horizontal band sawmill machine

The automatic horizontal band sawmill machine uses the band saw blade as the cutter to cut and carve the wood through the reciprocating motion of the band saw or the band saw, or the rotary motion of the circular saw. Common band sawing machines include vertical band sawing machine and horizontal band sawing machine.

Bearings, workplaces and machine tools used on large woodworking band saws should be cleaned regularly to keep them clean, especially the resin sawdust on the saw blade and saw wheel. The bearing, gear screw, slide way and other friction parts on the machine tool shall be lubricated regularly. During operation, pay attention to whether the rolling bearings of the upper and lower sawing wheels are abnormal, and the temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃.

So how to maximize the efficiency of the automatic horizontal band sawmill?

1. The thickness of the band saw blade shall match the matched band saw wheel. Avoid using saw blades with large thickness for small wheels, which may cause breakage and injury.

2. The saw teeth shall be sharp, and the tooth depth shall not exceed 1/4 of the saw blade width.

3. The band saw blade shall be welded firmly and smoothly. There shall be more than 3 joints. The length between two joints shall be more than 1/5 of the total length. The joint thickness shall be basically the same as that of the saw blade.

4. Strictly control the transverse cracks of the band saw blade. If the cracks are too long, they should be cut off and re welded.

5. The track of the log carriage of the large band saw should be straight, with travel switches at both ends, and warning bars should be set at both sides of the log carriage.

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