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How To Maintain The Engine When The Woodworking Band Saw Is Not in Use?

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Manual Vertical Sawmill (4)

If the woodworking band saw is not in use,how to maintain the engine?

1.Release the cooling water in the engine of the woodworking band saw.

2. Replace engine oil. New engine oil is usually neutral and will not corrode the metal parts of the engine.

3. The fuel tank of the band saw is filled with diesel to avoid rusting of the fuel tank. If conditions permit, preservatives shall also be added.

4. During the shutdown of the woodworking band saw, the engine shall be started once a month to make the band saw travel a short distance, so as to establish a new oil film at the lubricating part of each part to prevent rust. It should be noted that the cooling water should be filled before startup and the cooling water should be discharged at the end.

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