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How To Prevent Dust Hazards at The Working Site of Band Saw?

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band saw machine

1. Operators must use labor protection articles correctly according to regulations.
2. Fire or explosion prevention:
1) Before starting the band saw machine, check the electric box, the motor and all electrical component housings for dust and sawdust accumulation.
2) For woodworking machinery equipped with pneumatic dust removal device, the dust exhaust fan shall be started before operation, and the dust exhaust pipe shall be kept from deformation and air leakage.
3) Before operation, check the normal operation of the dust removal equipment, and ensure that there is no residual accumulation of wood dust in the equipment and pipes, so as to ensure that there is no spark and spontaneous combustion hazard. If any abnormality is found, it is strictly forbidden to start the operation, and report it to the superior and have it repaired by qualified repair personnel. Only after it is normal can the work start.
4) After the operation, clean the sawdust dust in the machine and dust removal equipment to ensure that there is no residual accumulation.
5) . Smoking and fire are strictly prohibited in the workplace, and dangerous chemicals are not allowed to be stored around, and fire-fighting equipment must be equipped according to regulations.

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