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How To Replace And Adjust The Saw Blade of The Band Saw Machine

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Band Saw Machine

When replacing the saw blade, first open the upper and lower guard doors, loosen the fixing screws of the slide plate, turn the lifting handwheel to lower the upper saw wheel, and the saw blade is loose. The direction is downward, do not turn up, and then turn the lifting handwheel to raise the upper saw wheel and tension the saw blade. Then turn the upper saw wheel by hand to see if the saw teeth are all exposed on the outer side of the saw wheel rim. If not, adjust the upper saw wheel until the saw teeth are exposed on the rim, and move smoothly on the edge of the upper and lower saw wheels. perpendicular to the work surface.

The tensioning device of the saw blade is divided into two types: spring and pressure thallium (heavy hammer). This machine is a spring device. The base tension should be determined according to the width, thickness and speed of the saw blade. Usually, the finger is used to press the saw blade, and whether the tension force is appropriate is determined according to the left and right bending of the saw blade. In general, when the saw blade is pressed by hand, the bending degree of the saw blade should be between 3.2 and 6.4 mm.

The width of the saw blade should be adapted to the width of the wheel surface of the saw wheel, and should not exceed the width of the wheel surface.

The saw blade is clamped in the middle of the saw clip, and the bottom of the saw teeth should be in a straight line with the outer edge of the saw clip. The saw blade should not be clamped too tightly, and should be able to slide in the middle of the saw clip. There should be a gap on both sides, and the gap on each side is about 0.04~0.08 mm. The back of the saw blade is about 0.8 mm away from the pulley. If the saw blade has contacted the pulley when idling, it means that the saw blade is behind, or the pulley is forward, or the saw blade is properly tensioned. Adjust the upper saw wheel or pulley, or remove the saw blade and then Row Inspection Rolling Dressing

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