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How To Use The Woodworking Vertical Band Sawmill Safely?

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woodworking vertical band sawmill

The woodworking vertical band sawmill is a necessary sawing equipment for the sawmill. How to use the wood working vertical band sawmill safely? Today, YSDMILL will explain to you.

Parts and components of the china wood working vertical band sawmill shall be checked and corrected frequently.

1. How to check wood working vertical band sawmill? Check whether the upper and lower sawing wheels are on a vertical plane by hanging lines. If there is deformation, the upper wheel should be adjusted. If the clearance is too large, the lower wheel can also be adjusted. After the upper and lower wheels work for a period of time, there will always be some wear.

2. Frequently check whether the upper wheel lifting system is flexible and reliable;

3. Check whether the saw card lifting device can slide up and down freely;

4. Check whether the automatic tensioning device works flexibly;

5. Check whether the components are damaged and whether the connecting parts are loose.

In case of any damage to the parts of the band saw, it shall be solved in time. Or scrub, oil, repair and correct, or even replace, to ensure the safe and normal operation of the machine tool.

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