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How To Weld The Saw Blade of The Band Saw Machine?

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Saw Blade Welding Machine1

The band saw blade is an indispensable sawing tool in the work of the band saw machine. If the band saw blade breaks, how should it be welded? The following YSDMILL will explain to you how to weld the saw blade of the band saw machine?

1. Laser welding

It is an efficient and precise welding method using advanced imported equipment and high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source, which can replace electron beam welding of bimetallic composite steel strips.

2. Spheroidizing annealing

The welded composite steel strip is placed in a pit annealing furnace or a bell annealing furnace, and a suitable annealing process is used to make the carbides in the teeth, backing and welds spherical for subsequent cold working.

3. Weld flattening

A process in which the annealed composite steel strip is rolled to a certain thickness with a rolling mill, and the position of the weld is flattened

4. Leveling and straightening

Using advanced imported equipment, the composite steel strip is passed through dozens of small rollers to make the composite steel strip straight.

5. Milling teeth

Using advanced imported equipment and high-quality steel milling cutters, a process of milling the high-speed steel side of the composite steel strip into a sawtooth shape

6. Tooth

A process in which a bimetal saw blade with a toothed profile is milled so that the sawtooth is dumped to the left and right according to a certain rule

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