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How to solve the problem of woodworking band saw blade swinging back and forth

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Vertical Sawmill with Table 3

The swing of the band saw blade of the woodworking band sawmill means that the saw blade moves back and forth, leaves the original position, or even falls off when the woodworking band sawmill is running. There are many reasons for this, let's take a look at the reasons for the swing of the band saw blade.

1. The tension is small and the band saw blade is too loose. When sawing wood, after the saw blade is impacted or rubbed, part of the tension disappears, and the blade runs. Properly adjust the tension of the band saw blade, when machining hardwoods, a thicker saw blade is required.

2. The upper and lower wheels of the band sawmill are skewed and not on the vertical plane. If the upper wheel suspension rod is tensioned and inverted, and the saw blade is exposed differently, it should be confirmed that the lower wheel bearing shell is in the middle of the suspension screw.

3. The saw wheel of the band sawmill machine is seriously worn, and it is easy to make the saw blade swing and deviate. At this time, the saw wheel should be ground, and the precision of the saw wheel should be paid attention to when grinding.

4. The inflexibility of the upper wheel tensioning device will also cause the saw blade to swing. Always check the band saw tensioner and keep it clean, in debris and lubricated.

5. If the band sawmill deviates as soon as the band saw blade is started, it should be that the upper wheel is not adjusted properly when the saw blade is installed, and the band saw blade can be adjusted to the appropriate position by adjusting the handle.

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