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Notes on Using Diesel Engine Portable Sawmill

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Diesel Engine Portable Sawmill

For some precious woods such as large red wood, teak, red sandalwood, rosewood, etc., which are hard and difficult to process, then modern tools such as diesel engine portable sawmill are necessary. With the widespread use of woodworking machinery such as the large diesel engine portable sawmill, for some beginners, there are more and more problems encountered in the process of use, so what problems should be paid attention to in the process of using the Diesel Engine Portable Sawmill Woolen cloth?

1. During the operation, the knife sawing is only performed when the relevant spindle is in normal operation. When using a large-diameter saw blade, the slow car should be used for sawing.

2. Some operators' spindles are raised and lowered too fast. Here, we must pay attention to the speed, not too fast. It is better to be slow and even, and must be stable.

3. When the spindle is required to be reversed, the hand-held tool should be properly withdrawn from the workpiece, and the rotation of the spindle should be stopped before reversing.

Fourth, the sawing machine has a speed range of steering, which is set according to this standard.

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