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Precautions in Band Saw Operation

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vertical Band Saw With CNC Log Carriage

① When sawing, separate the clutch of the conditioning band saw for conditioning at any time.
② The saw blade should always be wiped with kerosene or water to make it smooth and cool.
③ The slider of the upper rolling head shall be moved to the place 50~100mm away from the sawn wood of the upper rolling head.
④ The speed of the Log Carriage shall be determined according to the size and hardness of the sawn wood.
⑤ When sawing the square timber, it is only necessary to tie the fishing line. When sawing the thin timber, it is necessary to tie the fishing line together.
⑥ When the wood is sawed off the edge or a piece of wood board, when the Log Carriage returns, it is necessary to prevent the wood from bumping the saw blade due to deformation.
⑦ When the wood saw breaks down halfway and the Log Carriage is about to return, the control lever installed on the sports car frame to prevent the wooden frame from moving shall be seized to prevent the wooden frame from moving.
⑧ It is forbidden to fill smooth oil or fasten bolts when the machine tool is moving.
⑨ When the machine tool is stopped or the roadster is loaded, the roadster joystick controller should be controlled

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