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Recognition of Band Saw Blade Shape of Band Sawmill Machine

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Band Sawmill

1. Unfold and level the band saw blade, and use the offset

Identification of band saw blade shape:

1. Unfold and level the saw blade, and check the curvature of the trailing edge of the saw blade with a deflection ruler.

2. Place the saw blade or saw blade on the platform, and use the flat plate to check the height of the front and rear sides of the saw blade.

3. Use vernier caliper, wire gauge, ruler, template and protractor to check the thickness, width, diameter and tooth profile parameters of the saw blade.

4. Observe the surface finish of saw blade and other defects on its surface and rear edge with naked eye and magnifying glass.

If the trailing edge is straight, the surface is flat, the width and thickness are uniform and moderate, the surface finish and tooth shape meet the standards, the surface and side or circumference are free of defects such as scratches, rust, perforation, burns, etc., and the shape of the saw blade meets the technical requirements.

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