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Smart Log Processing Sawmill Line System

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sawmill line

The smart log processing sawmill line system is high-efficiency wood sawing machine system that many companies are using. So what are the advantages of smart log processing sawmill line system? YSDMILL will share you.

1.The smart log processing sawmill line system is used CNC PLC control;
2.The smart log processing sawmill line system adopts customized industrial sawmill automatic log loading deck to realize automatic loading and unloading.
3.The smart log processing sawmill system adopts infrared assisted turning, positioning and pneumatic automatic clamping, which is convenient and efficient.
4. The self-adaptive adjustment of the leading saw can clear hard objects, prolong the life of the saw blade, reduce accidental damage, and improve reliability.
5. Servo beating, the walking speed can be adjusted at will, and the woodworking speed can reach 50m/min, which is twice the sawing speed of the ordinary band saw machine. .
6. The band saw is thick and heavy, 1.5 times the weight of the same model, with good stability, stable sawing and fast sawing speed.
7. The working environment is good, the work intensity is low, and there are 2 less operators than similar products.
8. The double-position configuration of the wooden claws can meet the clamping of the edge removed and the edge not removed.
9. The push stake is movable to keep the wood in the sawing position.

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