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Solutions to problems in the work of horizontal band saw machine

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The Advantages Of Automatic Horizontal Band Sawmill-1

If the horizontal band saw machine is falling during operation, the following two aspects can be checked

1. Check whether the positions of the horizontal sawmill two saw wheels are correct
The outer side of the saw wheel is low and the inner side is high. You can dispatch a few screws behind the driven wheel to make the two saw wheels relatively flat, but you can't adjust too much, otherwise the friction between the saw back and the saw wheel is too short and the saw blade will be damaged for a long time.

2. Check whether the  horizontal sawmill saw wheel wear is serious
Especially for horizontal sawmill  machines with poor quality, the saw wheel will taper after being used for a period of time, and the saw blade will easily fall off. You can remove the saw wheel and pick it up on the lathe, but it is not suitable to move too much.

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