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The Common Fault Causes And Solutions of Gasoline Engine Portable Sawmill

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Hydraulic Horizontal Sawmill

YSDMILL is a manufacturer that has been engaged in the production and sales of band sawmill for many years. It is well known that band sawmill require regular maintenance by professional technicians during their use, so more attention should be paid to the maintenance of band saws.

The following YSDMILL lists some common failure causes and solutions of gasoline engine portable sawmill, which you must understand.

1. When the gasoline engine portable sawmill is working,the saw band does not fall:

Solution: check and clean the speed control valve; Check whether the circuit and oil path are connected; Check the upper limit travel switch; Adjust the back pressure to reach the rule value. The demand regulating valve is blocked; The lowering solenoid valve may not work; Check whether the lower limit travel switch is reset; Check whether the back pressure is adjusted too large.

2. When the customized gasoline engine portable sawmill is sawing, the saw frame makes a severe sensation or abnormal noise:

The clearance between the column and the sliding sleeve may be too large; Perhaps the sawing data and speed are not selected correctly; Perhaps the gap between the saw belt and the upper guide block is too large.

Solution: replace the copper sleeve; Select the saw blade speed from the beginning; Adjust the guide block.

3. Abnormal noise of the worm gear box: the reason may be that the axial barrier between the worm gear and the worm is too large, or the two groups of bearings are too worn.

Solution: Adjust the axial clearance of worm gear or replace the bearing.

4. Saw frame does not rise: it is required to check whether the oil pressure of the sawing machine reaches the additional pressure, whether the rising solenoid valve operates, whether the upper limit travel switch is reset, and whether the oil circuit is filled with air or blocked.

Solution: oil pressure and regulating overflow valve reach regular pressure; Check whether the circuit and oil circuit are smooth; Check the upper limit travel switch; Clean or replace the oil filter and solenoid valve.

5. Band saw blade falling: the reason may be that the saw band is too loose, or the driving and driven wheels are not parallel.

Solution: Adjust the saw band tension equipment and adhere to the proper tension of the saw band; Adjust the three groups of adjusting screws behind the driven wheel to make the driving and driven wheels parallel and ensure that the saw blade is in the proper position.

6. Severe deflection of workpiece: the main reason is excessive feed rate; Tooth passivation or asymmetric tooth separation; The interval between two guide arms is too large; Whether the saw band has been tightened; Whether the two guide blocks have been tightened; The worktable, fixed vise and saw band are not straight.

Solution: Make the feed rate appropriate; Replace the band saw blade; The spacing between the two guide arms is the same as the workpiece; Keep the saw band under proper tension; Tighten the two guide blocks; Adjust the guide arm, the fixed vise and the worktable to be straight.

These six aspects are some situations and solutions that operators may encounter during production and operation. If you need to order Vertical Sawmill, Horizontal Sawmill, Smart Log Processing Sawmill System and other products, please call YSDMILL.

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