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The Faults And Solutions of The Saw Blade of The Band Saw

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sawmill blades

(1) The reason for the broken band saw blade

The reasons for the bad saw blade itself are: the toughness and elasticity of the steel of the saw blade are not good; there are cracks or other damages in the saw blade.

The reasons for the poor saw repair work are: compared with the thickness of the saw blade, the tooth saw is too large; compared with the tooth saw, the tooth height is too large; the tooth back angle is too large; the tooth front angle is too large.

The reasons for the poor sawing operation are: sawing of hard substances such as sand, stone, and metal; rapid sawing of knots and parts of wood with disordered silk; the saw blade suddenly encountered a great momentum during the operation.

(2) Processing method

Commonly used treatment methods include reconnecting the teeth with carbon dioxide shielded welding or oxyacetylene welding; trimming the part of the broken teeth horizontally;

Sharpening method to restore its original tooth shape; trim the saw blade's appropriateness and saw edge tightness; carry out pressing and sharpening; cut off the old teeth and re-open the teeth;

The specific reasons for its occurrence are dealt with in a targeted manner.

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