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The band sawmill manufacturers product performance characteristics

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Custom made sawmill line

Why choose YSDMILL Band Sawmill Manufacturers.

The band sawmill manufacturers product performance characteristics:

1.Quality automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill adopt PLC programming, LCD display touch screen operation, full computer control interface.

2. China electric horizontal sawmill factory is operated by imported linear guide and ball screw, with high machining precision; it is driven by imported servo motor and controlled by programming, and the operation is stable and smooth.

3. Hydraulic fragrant string system ensures that the saw blade is in the best state at the moment and prolongs the service life of the saw blade.

4. Realize automatic cooling, lubrication, dust removal system, one step, safety and environmental protection.

5. The sawing process is automatic, safe, reliable and with high safety performance.

6. Reasonable structure, small footprint, convenient installation, debugging and moving.

7.Cooperate with MF1115 saw blade sharpener machine to realize automatic saw grinding and sawing.

Xingtai YSDMILL Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is China Diesel Engine Portable Sawmill Manufacturers. The company is mainly engaged in automatic band saws, cheap automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill, automatic horizontal band sawmill suppliers, quality manual log carriage, China Custom Made Sawmill Line Manufacturers.The quality is guaranteed after sale.

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