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The precaution of using the automatic horizontal band sawmill

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electric portable horizontal band sawmill

The automatic horizontal sawmill/gasoline engine portable sawmill factory is the newest design which can use in the forest or farm and DIY woodworking place.The automatic diesel portable horizontal sawmill is easy to install and easy to operate, can help you do more and spend less。

When the gasoline engine portable sawmill factory used by two people, it is mostly used when the precision is high, the sawing thickness is thick, and the material is hard. When using, there are two-handed, two-handed, one-handed upper saw, and two-handed lower saw, three sawing methods.

The stable direction of the wood can be horizontal, vertical and oblique, but it should be noted that the sawing section must be vertical. The division of labor is that the upper saw and the portable saw have more force, and the saw has less force. The lower saw hand pulls the saw with more force, and the upward saw has less force.

When the automatic horizontal band sawmill is operated, the upper and lower saw hands must be coordinated with each other. The beginning is steady, accurate, and firm, and the middle is firm and ruthless, and the saw is light and weak.

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