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Using A Band Saw To Cut Irregular Logs

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band sawmill machine

There are many irregular logs in the actual work of the sawmill. These timbers vary in length, length, size and irregularity. So how to cut irregular logs? What band saw is better? Today, YSDMILL will explain to you.
There are vertical band saw machines and horizontal band saw machines for sawing logs. What are the characteristics of YSDMILL horizontal band saw?
1. What is the band saw mainly for cutting?
Mainly for cutting heavy hardwood and softwood, including tropical species.
YSDMILL hydraulic horizontal sawmill can cut irregular log for your demand. Especially can cut even hardwood with a higher cutting accurancy.
2. What is the maximum cutting diameter?
Horizontal wood band saw------2500mm max.Our hydraulic horizontal sawmill can cut irregular log exactly.Diameter: 600MM. Length: 6M, Min. Thickness: 2.5MM, the tolerance: 0.2MM.
3. Quickly adjusted the machine boday up and down to change board thickness by a CNC box.
4. Four log clampings can be provided for keeping logs stable when cutting wood.

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