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What Are The Advantages Of Customized Automatic Log Carriage?

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Automatic Log Carriage

The new customized automatic log carriage adopts servo motor, ball screw control, precision CNC ruler, and can automatically turn over the wood, so there is no need to manually turn the material. Especially when sawing large-diameter wood, it is very laborious and slow to manually turn the wood, and the equipment has obvious advantages, which can be turned easily. If it is equipped with an automatic plate picker, it can also play a simple automatic palletizing function, which can be directly transported by a forklift.

The quality hydraulic automatic log carriage control system is equipped with a fully automatic working mode. In this working mode, only one person can operate log feeding, CNC sizing, wood turning, card wood sawing, and board joining, that is, one person replaces Three-person working mode.

Under the same work efficiency, it saves the resources of two people, that is, saves the wages of two people, and saves one year's wages to buy a new set of equipment. And as long as the equipment runs stably and normally, it is definitely better to manage than the personnel. When the personnel are in work mood, have physical reasons and are tired, but the equipment is well maintained and operated properly, it can work for a long time, which is relatively efficient. With high-efficiency work, the profit value of the factory will increase accordingly.

The customized automatic log carriage is controlled using a touch screen, which is as easy as using a smartphone. Simple and easy to understand, the operator requirements are extremely low.

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