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What Are The Advantages of Electric Horizontal Sawmill?

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Electric Horizontal Sawmill

①Increase the delivery speed,

Adopt higher feeding speed to improve the production efficiency of electric horizontal sawmill.

②Increase the yield of sawn timber.

Improve the yield of sawn timber and make full use of the advantages of small saw blades with a small market. Therefore, it is generally not desirable to process excessively thick sawn timber on this equipment. The processing thickness is 200mm, but some factories also use it in practical applications. To process rough squares with a thickness of 280-300mm and logs with a diameter of less than 350mm, the diameter of the saw blade required is 550mm.

③ Improve the machining accuracy and the smoothness of the machined surface.

Some double uranium multi-saw blades currently used, electric horizontal sawmill can meet the requirements of processing richness in sawn timber, mainly because the diameter of the saw blade is about half smaller than that of the general single-axis circular saw machine, and the thermal stress color noise is small. , Good work stability. Therefore, the surface of sawn timber is smooth and clean, which is much better than frame sawing.

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