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What Are The Advantages of Hydraulic Portable Sawmill?

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Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

Portable sawmill is the equipment frequently used by sawmills. Portable sawmill has electric and diesel power. Portable sawmill's blocking device and turning device are generally hydraulically powered. What are the advantages of hydraulic portable sawmill?

1. The walking speed of the hydraulic portable sawmill can be flexibly adjusted according to the softness and hardness of the wood. The lifting is operated by a numerical control computer. The workbench can accurately process wood according to the input number. The wood processing accuracy is high. It can be adjusted accurately as needed.
2. Saw power is a 22 kW motor with stable running performance and power saving.
3. Automatic horizontal hydraulic portable sawmill has high smoothness and standardization of processed wood. The length of processed wood is not limited, and the length of wood can be processed as long as the track is.
4. Automatic horizontal hydraulic portable sawmill has a high utilization rate. It can be said that the length of trees can be processed as long as the track is installed. For site utilization, horizontal hydraulic portable sawmill does not waste the site at all.
5. Automatic horizontal hydraulic portable sawmill operation is simple and easy to master. It only needs one operator and one loader. The operator operates the machine on site, which is easy to operate and consumes little physical energy. The loading and unloading workers are responsible for unloading the processed wood. The whole work can be completed by only two workers.

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