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What Are The Advantages of YSDMILL Twin Vertical Band Saw?

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Twin vertical band saw

YSDMILL provided twin vertical band saw.YSDMILL is a band sawmill manufacturers and band sawmill supplier in China.We provided band saws for more than 30 years,attach great importance of research and developments.Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets.

What are the advantages of YSDMILL twin vertical band saw?
1.High cutting sfficiecy
Smoothly cutting surface,Raw materials saving.
2.Automatic blade tension
Cutting speed adjustable.
3.Automactic control
Touch screen control,easy operation.
4.Automatic laser measurement
Fast and precision cutting
We attach great importance to R&D and have a professional design team. We can provide you with customized services. According to your needs, we will design a complete set of sawmill plans for you.

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