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What Wood Is YSDMILL Automatic Log Carriage Suitable For Sawing?

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Automatic Log Carriage 3

YSDMILL automatic log carriage adopts advanced controller and PLC touch screen. High precision servo motor, screw rod, rack, reducer, etc. are used to ensure the accuracy and smoothness of sawing wood.
YSDMILL automatic log carriage can set different processing thicknesses to achieve accurate sawing. The automatic log carriage is convenient and flexible to operate, and has fast, efficient, accurate and other functions.
The automatic log carriage greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators, and also solves the problem of the difficulty of inviting the master. The fool type operation mode has a high material yield. It can be used to process logs and square materials. The difference lies in the different fixtures. All processing action planning is completely based on the actual production needs of customers. The automatic log carriage has fast cutting speed and smooth wood chip surface. Alloy saw blade is used.
The automatic log carriage is suitable for processing expensive wood materials such as mahogany. The sawing diameter is large, and large logs can be processed. Sawn boards are smooth and flat, and can be put into use after being polished slightly.

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