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What are the hazards when automatic vertical sawmill working?

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Automatic Vertical Sawmill

When automatic vertical sawmill working, is there any danger? What do we need to pay attention to?

1. Operation prohibited by warning, caution, sign, etc. in violation of the mechanical instructions.
2. The operator enters the danger zone with his hands or other body parts during operation.
3. The operator removes the safety protection device on the sawmill machine in violation of regulations.
4. Before operation, the band saw was not carefully inspected as required, and the equipment was not in good condition, which could easily lead to mechanical or personal accidents during operation.
5. The operator did not strictly comply with the equipment requirements and process requirements. Overload and overspeed use of automatic vertical sawmill.
6. The use of unqualified band saw blade or the loss of band saw blade will cause the band saw blade to break, which will cause injury accidents. The gap between the saw clamp and the saw blade is too small, which is easy to damage the saw blade.
7. Violation during equipment maintenance and tool adjustment, replacement and repair, failure to cut off the power supply and hang a notice board at the equipment starting switch.
8. There are nails, screws, etc. in the wood, or the wood that is not completely dry after processing and gluing.
9. The saw blade of automatic vertical sawmill was not correctly installed as required.
10. The band saw blade is not properly tensioned as required.
11. The adjustment of saw clamp position does not conform to the regulations, and the distance from the saw clamp to the wood to be processed is too large or too small.
12. The worktable with adjustable angle has not been adjusted and recovered to the level after the last use.

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