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What are the types of band sawmill machines?

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Sawmill Band Saw Machine

1、 According to the different arrangement of saw wheels, it can be divided into woodworking vertical band sawmill machines and woodworking horizontal band sawmill machines.
(1) Woodworking vertical band sawmill machine.
The woodworking vertical band sawmill/vertical woodworking band saw machine is equipped with two saw wheels installed in parallel from top to bottom. The connecting line between the centers of the two saw wheels is perpendicular to the rotation axis and foundation plane of the saw wheel, so the saw blade is in a vertical working position.
(2) Woodworking horizontal band sawmill machine
The woodworking horizontal band sawmill/horizontal woodworking band sawing machines are commonly used for cutting precious logs and logs with large diameters. More commonly used for re cutting square or thick boards; The sawing quality is high and convenient, and the production efficiency is high. Therefore, the use of horizontal band saw machines in the lumber workshop is gradually increasing.
2. Band saw machines can be divided into three categories based on the diameter of the saw wheel:
(1) Heavy duty band saw machine. The diameter of the saw wheel of this type of band saw machine is over 1500mm (60 inches).
(2) Medium band saw machine. The diameter of the saw wheel is between 1000-1370mm (42-59 inches).
(3) Lightweight band saw machine. The diameter of the saw wheel is below 900mm (36 inches).

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