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What is the difference between a vertical bandsaw sawmill machine and a horizontal bandsaw sawmill?

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automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill

Woodworking band saw machines are often used to cut logs. Woodworking band saw machines include vertical band saw machines and horizontal band saw machines. So what is the difference between a vertical band saw machine and a horizontal bandsaw sawmill? Today, YSDMILL will introduce it to everyone.
Firstly, in the use of band saw machines. The vertical band saw machine requires a woodworking log carriage to be used.The horizontal bandsaw sawmill machine comes with its own track and does not need to be equipped with a woodworking log carriage. The horizontal bandsaw sawmill machine uses a working method of moving the saw head and not moving the wood to cut the logs.
Secondly, the difference in processing wood. The vertical band saw machine can process logs with relatively large diameters. Horizontal band sawing machines generally process logs with relatively small diameters. But there is also a heavy duty horizontal sawmill machine that can process large diameter logs.
Thirdly, the workplace is different. Vertical band sawing machines are generally fixed for use in wood processing sites and do not move. Many horizontal band saws are equipped with tires and can be moved and used in different workplaces. For example, in mountains, forests, sawmills, etc.
Enterprises can choose suitable band saw machines according to their own needs.
YSDMILL is a professional china bandsaw sawmill manufacturers and china bandsaw sawmill suppliers.The company is mainly engaged in automatic band saws,automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill, automatic horizontal bandsaw sawmill, quality manual log carriage, china custom made sawmill line.It’s easy to install and easy to operate, can help you do more and spend less.

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